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Name Paul Date Mar-10-15 10:20:36 Problem Solved
Subject MB974SP-2B - Power buttons
Content Dear Icydock

Does the enclosure/relavent power button remember whether a drive is set to on or off between complete system shutdowns, or are the drives always off each time the system is powered on?
Reply Hello,

The MB974SP-2B power buttons stay in the set position even if the system gets shut down.

best regards.

Name Brian Date Jun-16-13 08:20:51 Problem Solved
Subject MB559U3-1SB How to check & update the enclosure's Firmware.
Content Could you please explain how to check & if required, update my units Firmware.
Thank you!
Reply Dear Brian,

If your device works fine and you do not wish to add the sleep mode setting there is no need to upgrade the firmware.

Currently all units available have the stock firmware without sleep mode installed.

If you download the firmware via the website an upgrade manual is included.

Best regards.

Name Soz Date May-02-11 13:23:41 Problem Solved
Subject Error message
Content When I try to format and allocate, the process ends with the following error message:

Virtual Disk Manager: "The system cannot find the file specified."



with error:


Reply Dear Soz,

It is possible that enclosure didn't detect the drives. There is a reset button on the back of the enclosure, please press it for couple seconds while the enclosure power is on to reset the chipset. This should resolve the 8GB issue.

Thank you,


Name Mark Date Apr-04-11 15:49:45 Problem Solved
Subject 3 TB support ?
Content When will your enclosures support the new Western Digital 3.0 TB disk drives ?
Reply Hi Mark,

Please see below link for products that compatible with 3TB SATA hard drive:

Thank you,


Name OgeGOon Date Jan-14-11 13:03:24 Problem Solved
Subject Disks, Fan coolers and leds are not powered on MB973SP-B
Content Hi, I just got 2 MB973SP-B and mounted them in my PC. I plugged the power cables and sata cables as described in to manual. But we I power on my PC, nothing append with the MB973SP-B devices. The HDD, the fan coolers and the leds are all off. I did test the power cables plugging them directly on the HDD and they are fine. Please, could you advice ? I didn't see any switch on the devices!

Reply Dear Customer,

The Blue LED in the front has individual power buttons for each drive and are defaulted to be turned off. The power button has also been designed to be child proof, so please "firmly" press the power button to turn on each drive.

Name Alex Date Dec-01-10 00:13:34 Problem Solved
Subject I have a MB559US-1s enclosure
Content Where is the serial number on this unit? The device has failed and I need to have it repaired
Reply The serial number for MB559 series is on the tray unit on the inner panel. If there is a hard drive currently used, please remove to be able to see clearly.

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